Ultrasonic cleaning, chemical cleaning, and servicing

CP Heat Exchanger Technologies is the place to go for heat exchanger cleaning and servicing. We provide both ultrasonic and chemical cleaning services. Having your heat exchanger cleaned regularly ensures optimum performance of both heat exchanger and engine. And it will also extend the engine’s and the heat exchanger’s life span, while reducing their carbon emissions. Our cleaning procedures are fully compliant with all current regulations. And we follow them up with pressure tests, plus the appropriate certificates. And if you want, we can also draw up a cleaning report for you.  

Ultrasonic cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning is a technique we mainly use for air coolers. Oil cooler degreasing is also done using the ultrasonic cleaning method. Ultrasonic cleaning is a highly effective way of cleaning that uses an ultrasonic bath. This is a bath filled with water and a cleaning liquid to which high-frequency sound waves are applied. These sound waves induce tens of thousands of cavitation bubbles that collapse. This leads to implosions that generate small currents through the cleaning liquid. These currents will agitate the dirt, and penetrate right into the heart of the heat exchanger. Without damaging it.

Chemical cleaning
Chemical cleaning is another cleaning method, which we generally use to clean oil coolers and plate heat exchangers, or to descale box coolers. Chemical cleaning is also used for air coolers with minor scale formation. Chemical cleaning involves an immersion bath filled with cleaning agents, in which we literally immerse the parts for cleaning. This bath is a closed system, which means that no harmful substances are released. Any waste products are collected and disposed off in the appropriate manner.

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The following tank cleaning additives have been approved by the IMO ESPH working group as of October 23rd 2013


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